Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Atheist's Prayer (1997)

My friends, they find some hope
They say all will turn well
Their faith lies in ancient rituals
Te tolling of a church bell

I, I have no god
No father looks over me
The future lies in my hands
My will is completely free

No destined meetings are there
No miracles take place
Just luck, hard work and optimism
And an always smiling face
Get me through the day
And by night
When others’ secret prayers
Reach up high

My mind lies at rest
In deep sleep
Whatever happens
I will keep
My belief that I alone hold
My future in my hands
I will do my best
And leave the rest
To chance
But to no god’s grace
And so let me find
One day, that what I have become
Is by my efforts, and my mind.


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