Sunday, July 10, 2005


For those who are confused, like I was a few days ago, anime is Japanese style animation think Robotech, Samurai X, Inu Yasha, and a manga is basically a Japanese comic - the different is animation vs still pics. For a list of apparently interesting anime, check out the discussion on the forums at Fallen. I haven't even heard of most of the stuff they mention. However, I have recently got hooked on to Animax, and whenever possible I watch these anime:

The Vision of Escaflowne: Fantasy, swords, machines, kings and princes, Atlantis - aaaaah (sigh of content). Do not be deceived by the first episode - it simply provides a little background on one of the main characters, but after that the action shifts to a different world. Whopee!

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Having enjoyed the movie greatly, I was extremely eager to catch this series once Issac told me about it. I was not disappointed. GitShell looks at a future where man and machine are integrated to an incredible level. Very few people are 100% natural - most have cyber implants of one kind or another. The series has great action and plots, but also deals with philosophical questions about the mind and soul and what it means to be human. Most (though not all) of the episodes are stand alone in the sense that they can be viewed independently. Those of you who have seen the movie will notice that the Major is different: she's still hot, though not as much :). And she is still very cool :).

Inu Yasha: Fantasy again, with a motley group of characters (once again including a girl from the modern world, though in this case, she can return home nearly whenever she wants) who include a schoolgirl, a woman with a giant boomerang, a half-dog-half-demon title character, a little demon with a bushy tail, and a lecherous monk, who are currently searching for a big evil thingy. Characters aren't very deep, but are very funny.

Samurai X: Possibly my favourite. Set in the Meiji Restoration after the Tokugawa regime, the story follows the adventures of Kenchi/Batusai Himora, the greatest swordsman of that time. Having discarded the life of extreme violence that he lived when he was the slasher Batusai, the most deadly and famous assassin who worked for the Royalists, Kenchi now stays with a group of friends and tries to protect his community from villains who try to harass people or upset the Restoration. He has sworn never to kill again, and whenever possible tries to resolve matters by talking, but thankfully for the viewers, every now and then he has to draw his sword. And when he does! Amazing action. Check it out: now showing Monday to Friday at 8.30pm and again at 11.30pm on Animax.

Now and then I also watch Clamp School and Alien 9 (which is very weird). More about those later.

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