Monday, July 11, 2005

E.L.I.T.I.S.T. (O.R.) E-List of Interesting Things I Saw Today (Or Recently)| Vol. 1

Hello, and welcome to ELITIST(OR). I realized that I was coming across a whole lot of interesting things that I wanted to share with other people, but didn't want to write mails about continuously, and which I might not like enough to put on the sidebar. So I've put together a list of things that caught my eye, and have provided, when possible, the links. The list will be updated at random intervals, and things which I like a lot will eventually make their way to my sidebar. Other things will be discarded, so it's important that you check regularly to find out what's new (That another way of saying, "Read, darn you!"). Feel free to comment (Yet another way of saying the same thing, but more obliquely).

So, first up on the list: ....

....(roll of drums, sound of trumpets).....

.....web comics!

Once again, thanks to Adi, who brought Questionable Content to my notice. Apurva has described it as similar to Garfield - I see his point, but Marten is a bit better off than Jon, in my opinion :). Also, despite the strip criticising Friends, the artist himself acknowledges that the comic does seems like a sitcom at times. Anyhow, Questionable Content follows the life and adventures (?) of Marten Reed, his AnthroPC PintSize (kinda like a robot) and his various friends. One nice thing about web comics is that if a comic lasts long enough, you get to see the artist's style and art change and (hopefully) improve. Questionable Content is updated 3 times a week, so it's fairly regular.

Incidentally, can anyone fill me in on the meaning of the slang word 'emo' ? It's used quite a lot in QC, but I recently saw it used by a kid to describe Harry Potter!

But hold on, QC was just the tip of the iceberg! Following the links provided at the QC sidebars led me to other great artists and web comics. One of my favourites, which unfortunately is not being updated very regularly at the moment, is Fallen. This fantasy manga is set in a different world, and revolves around an extremely fascinating and diverse set of characters, including a Fallen Angel, a talking scythe and a Boa Constrictor (or is it a Coastal Carpet Python?). Though not too much has happened storywise, the artist (a Japanese female named Aido) has sketched out the characters really well (meaning she's fleshing them out, making them intriguing by dropping background info bit by bit) and has created an interesting mythology for her world. I wish she would update it more frequently, but she apparently broke her right hand recently. Ouch.

For those who are confused, like I was a few days ago, anime is Japanese style animation - think Robotech, Samurai X, Inu Yasha - and a manga is basically a Japanese comic - the different is animation vs still pics. For a list of apparently interesting anime, check out the discussion on the forums at Fallen. I haven't even heard of most of the stuff they mention. However, I have recently got hooked on to Animax, and whenever possible I watch these anime.

On with the web comics.

Little Gamers: This 'minimalist' comic is apparently accused of being a rip-off - I'm not sure of what, though there are a few South Park references (Check out the ninjas!). Regardless, I enjoy it, and I've collected here a few strips which I really liked, though you should really try reading the whole lot.

  • Kickass Intro

  • Lan-party in a nutshell

  • People

  • Truth of Life

  • Freak 2001

  • Computer Style

  • Hungry

  • Ninjas!, entrance stage right

  • Computer Style #3

  • Computer Style #4

  • Internet-less (mr.Madsen special)

  • Subtitled kung-fu style #2

  • Madsen Month #11

  • Phone home

  • Hopefully you enjoyed those. Now, take a look at Ctrl-Alt-Del:

  • Nice Melon

  • Bad call

  • Cool people stand


  • Stop yelling at me!

  • Heheh.

    Back to Fantasy web comics. Now that Fallen is currently in limbo, my current favourite fantasy manga is Wish 3. Thankfully, it is currently being updated regularly. A spin on the old idea of 3 wishes, the artwork is above average and improving, and the storyline is promising. The characters are slowly being fleshed out: over all, it's quite good.

    For a rather well-drawn and extremely well-coloured fantasy comic, read Cascadia. However, I must confess that I haven't read this particular one very far as I wasn't particularly hooked on to it. Still, check out the graphics.

    Semi-decent, and with a somewhat intriguing storyline, Nine Swords involves humans, vampires, and these wolfy type chaps who are not werewolves, but do have bushy tails.....

    You could check out Arcana, but my gripe about this is that despite being called Arcana, we only find that (Arcana) mentioned in the comic after about 50-70 strips.... and I still don't know what it is. Maybe I wasn't paying attention. Also, it features gay vampires, so... well, whatever. Not my thing :).

    Demonology 101 as far as I have read it, seems quite decent, and one BIG thing in its favour is that the main story is apparently complete, and there is currently a spin-off going on.

    One nutty but extremely imaginative comic is 9th Elsewhere. In its own words, "Since Jan '03, the webcomic '9th Elsewhere' has shared the story of an unhappy girl and her oddball muses trapped together in a dream. The entire comic is free to read online; updates on Monday and Wednesday."

    That about covers it. For a lot of links to some pretty decent web comics, check out the links page at .

    And finally, for those of you who despair at your artistic ability, check out White Ninja. Beware though.... the humour is .... a leeettle strange.

  • White Ninja finds a severed head

  • White Ninja and the bucket of eyes

  • White Ninja and the growling pirate

  • White Ninja and the spiders that got him at last

  • White Ninja to the rescue

  • Salut!

    Rare Hand Axe.


    Blogger Allspice said...

    Hey, you write well. Also already hooked on to Questionable Content.

    2:51 am, July 20, 2005  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wish I had the time to go through all those links! The job is really starting to get hectic now :( Hear this - it took me a minute to remember what Questionable Content was coz I haven't been there in ages!


    1:24 am, July 26, 2005  
    Blogger Shanth said...

    Hi again,
    Nice to see someone else into webcomics. I've also posted some of my favourite webcomics over here, in case you're interested.

    If you've started watching Anime, you picked a really wrong time to leave IITK, the LAN's right now full of anime with more stuff pouring in daily. Check out Trigun, the anime if you get the chance though.

    How go things in the States otherwise? Seems you're having fun. Seen any Quizzing action over there yet?


    4:30 pm, August 27, 2005  
    Blogger Shanth said...

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    4:51 pm, August 27, 2005  

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